Freewill: the neurological weather pattern


March 14, 2013 by theguywiththeeye

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I am a causal determinist. What this means I don’t believe you have freewill. Don’t take that too personally; I don’t believe I have freewill either. In fact, I think all atheists (in a broader sense of the word) should reject free will.

Let me first state and explain my broader definition of atheism: one that is not convinced of any supernatural claims. I make this expansion because of beliefs that are technically atheist (like spiritualism) where it still seems wrong to refer to them as atheists because they have certain supernatural beliefs (like karma or the souls).

This definition, as far as I can see, leads to rejecting freewill on the grounds that freewill requires something supernatural to deviate from the natural mechanism of cause and effect. We are the puppets of our genetics, the microstructure of our brains and our experiences. Something determines these; we don’t pick our…

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