Science Proves Nothing (Part 1)


March 18, 2013 by theguywiththeeye

I am reblogging this for the sole purpose of getting one, Fourat, to respond. We shall see if he does.

Ethics by the Book

My previous article stirred a bit of controversy when I endeavored to show that modern science is nothing more than the atheistic religion of materialism clothed in a white lab coat. The heart of the argument was ably illustrated by a quote from a prominent Harvard scientist who clearly states that no divine explanations are allowed in the field of science because scientists have a prior commitment to atheistic materialism (the idea that matter is the only thing in existence, hence, there is no “super” natural or metaphysical universe). This scientist openly admits that nothing in the realm of science requires such an assumption—he chooses his atheistic view of the universe as an article of faith.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m taking so much time to discuss the topic of science on a blog about ethics. The reason is simple: in a post-Christian culture, science is rapidly being elevated to…

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4 thoughts on “Science Proves Nothing (Part 1)

  1. Fourat J says:

    This article is rife with a few inaccuracies. So let me point them out.

    Science is an “atheistic religion of materialism”. 40% of scientists believe in a personal god or guiding spirit of the universe. First assertion falls flat.

    As for the other 60%, they don’t choose to disprove God, it is just that God naturally falls away. (Maybe a few do, but let’s not get carried away with misplaced generalizations.) As a fellow blogger (Allallt) wrote in a comment in that article. Supernatural (or metaphysical in a similar sense) are words we use to describe what we don’t yet understand. It’s not an explanation, it’s an excuse. And once it is understood, they become natural explanations, no longer being supernatural. (Well said, Allallt.)

    Lawrence Krauss once said “There are no absolute truths. Just absolute falsehoods.) Science has never claimed, nor will it ever, the absolute truth. We can never know them. We can only ever know approximations, and our approximations become slightly ever better due to the self-correcting nature of science. Old assumptions are thrown out, new assumptions that better fit the facts are put in, and bigger, better experiments force us to consider new alternatives previously unimaginable. We go where the evidence and explanations take us. Not the other way around.

    There is a similar misconception about the multiverse theory. Theists round and round say it was done to displace God. Nothing could be further from the truth. The multiverse isn’t a theory. When we take into account certain facts about the Universe, we are inevitably lead to a multiverse. It arises naturally. Nobody has yet written an equation (well equations actually) that accurately describes our universe with everything we’ve learned from quantum mechanics, relativity, inflation, and the flatness of our universe that didn’t predict a multiverse. C’est le vie.

    Science is not the ultimate truth. It is just the most accurate method so far of ascertaining what little we can comprehend of the truth. Everything else, especially religion, is just pretending. They are already fading from this world, and no amount of pretentious name-calling or misconceptions will change that.

  2. Fourat has chosen Doctors Without Borders as his charity. If anyone has two nickels to rub together, then go give one up. Rubbing them together is burning your hands, anyway, you fool.

  3. Audience, chat here if this author is taking too long to approve your comments, or if you’d prefer not to deal with him directly.

  4. Logan Rees says:

    This is along the same lines as my latest post:

    In it I talk about science as being a language by which we understand the universe, not the inherent language of the universe. Science as an objective observation of the universe is a myth; we actively define the universe as we translate it into our scientific language.

    I’ve always been fascinated by both science and religion, and I’m always perplexed that most people find them contradictory. They each apply within their respective spheres. Science attempts to define and help us manipulate the material world. Religion posits that their is a world or worlds outside or beyond the material world, and attempts not to define it necessarily, but to describe it. The one constant that science has proven is that our perception of the world is extremely limited, but extremely complex. We will never be able to fully understand all of the intricate processes of the universe that we have access to, and that is only the surface of reality. We can only accept all information as useful to our understanding, even if it is false. If it is false, it helps us realize why it is false, and how easily we can be manipulated into believing false information. In regards to religion, you have to realize which parts you process with the logical part of your brain (which are few and far between), and which parts you entertain with the imaginative side of your brain. It’s the same process as watching a movie that you know is false, but can still affect your perspective in important ways. You entertain the idea, because there is some part of your brain that processes that false information in a way that is useful to you. It also prompts you to question parts of your reality that are not answered by science, such as the nature of consciousness (which has yet to be defined in the scientifically logical picture of the world), and the origins of the universe.

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