Hard words from the new pope


March 18, 2013 by theguywiththeeye


12 thoughts on “Hard words from the new pope

  1. We are going to mix it up a bit on this one. Everyone can comment, but please keep it under 200 words.

  2. john zande says:

    So says the man who’s only reference material includes such scientific gems like:
    “All flying insects that walk on all fours are to be detestable to you.” (Leviticus 11:20)

    • I guess this is Defend Your Meme.

    • John,

      I imagine you’ve read my comments, elsewhere on this ‘site, about the Catholic approach to scripture. (Tell me if I’m wrong)

      I would strenuously disagree with your characterization of the Bible as the Pope’s “only reference material”. We Catholics are NOT Biblical literalists. Any Catholic theologian would explain to you that a verse such as the one you quoted from Leviticus is an example of the understanding people had of God at an earlier period of spiritual development. Also, a person reading the Bible in accordance with Catholic instruction would not expect to find “scientific gems” in the Bible. From the Catholic perspective, there should be no surprise that scripture passages are constrained by the human limitations of the people writing the scriptures. When Leviticus was compiled, people simply did not have access to the scientific understanding that is so easy for people like you and me to grasp. The Church teaches that anyone who wants to understand the Bible has to make allowances for the limitations inherent in the time and place where the scriptures originated.

      You do get it, don’t you? Generally, when I try to be serious about the proper way to approach the Bible, you claim that you were just ‘poking fun’.

      So, if it is fair game for a humorist such as yourself to poke fun at the Pope for beliefs he simply does not hold then there’s not a whole lot I can tell you in response. If I try to be serious when you’re trying to be funny I’ll only end up looking like an ass.

      Let me know when you want to be serious….


      • john zande says:

        Hi Paul. No, sorry, i haven’t seen your comments elsewhere. You already know, i was a catholic; raised and schooled (Carmelite nuns then Augustinian priests). Actually, i still am counted in that silly number (1.2 billion) the media keeps throwing out there. I assure you, that’s bunk. It’ll be a brave day when the catholic church actually releases its true church attendance figures. The catholic church is dying, and the sooner the better. This meme is evidence enough of that. Fortunately, no one listens to the ridiculous edicts issued from the Vatican. Church says no contraception = 90% of Catholic women use contraception daily. Great strike rate! 🙂

        So anyway, yes, i’m fully aware Catholics don’t believe in the inerrant word of the bible. Hell, in my entire upbringing i don’t recall the OT being mentioned once. Having since read it in its entirety (a few times) i now know why. It baffles me to know Evangelical Christians in the States cling to this load of trollop. I was actually very surprised to learn Tom here is a Catholic considering his archaic stance on women’s rights… and this is what this discussion is about: women’s rights. You know from my site my beef is with crazy fundamentalists, not passive theists, which Catholics typically are. Believe what you like, just don’t let that belief interfere in the functioning of our secular societies.

        • “i’m fully aware Catholics don’t believe in the inerrant word of the bible. ”

          Glad we cleared that up. I continue to find it confusing that you would trot out the archaic laws found in the Pentatuch in a critique of the pope or of any Catholic. You should, of course, ridicule Fundamentalists on those grounds.

          As for the “silly statistic” of 1.2 billion I can only say that you are a baptized Catholic. That’s a done deal. You are exercising your right to express your anger and outrage at the behavior of individual Catholics or the Church taken collectively. You are also exercising your right to decline the option of receiving the sacraments. You may even declare that you are an ex-Catholic, or a non-Catholic or an anti-Catholic. Find your own way to make sense of your life and your self.

          My natural brother will be my brother no matter how badly our relationship deteriorates. I choose to view my spiritual brothers and sisters the same way. I respect the validity of your contempt for Church doctrines or actions and I also respect the fact that (apparently) you derive no benefit from the practices you were taught. You’re still viewed by me, and by other Catholics, as a “member of the family” with no less prestige or importance or respectability than the Pope or anyone else.

          And I’ll continue to enjoy hearing from you, hoping that you’ll behave as if you know what you actually know.


        • john zande says:

          I was actually assuming Tom was a rabid fundamentalist. It certainly appeared that way by posting that meme. I figured he was going to start quoting scripture to justify his Medieval position on women’s rights, so i was just getting a head start 🙂

        • He’s a Rush wannabe.

        • The idea for this site is good. Traffic gets funneled from multiple directions. But, the concept needs some fine tuning. I wish I could get violetwisp interested in this.

      • john zande says:

        Sorry, Paul… i thought this comment was attached to Toms site. Just saw that it wasn’t. You should see the thread there.

  3. Argus says:

    Hating to involve logic in a simple issue—
    * How can the unborn set traps for me?
    * How can the unborn calumniate me?
    * How can the unborn set traps for me?
    * How can the unborn take me to court?
    * How can the unborn kill me?

    Personally I think the unborn can’t do that … but the unthinking and irrational, already alive, already indoctrinated to murder—can. (God made us such a funny old world I’m not sure if I should be grateful or indignant.) (Any help would be appreciated.)

    In the meantime some lessons in English grammar and stuff wouldn’t go amiss for Pope Frankie …

  4. donteattrash says:

    Yes its a dangerous message to spread because then some christians get the idea that martyrdom is likened to kamikazee. but its not. Martyrdom and the belief in something to death is fueled by crazy love. Crazy humility an obedience. A christian may shoot an abortionist in defense of the unborn, but that was never Christs message. Christs message was towards the broken, the desperate, the poor. Christ was all about choice too. He never forced anything on anyone, he just lived such an attractive life that people flocked to his side. How many pro-lifers have soon to be mothers flock to their sides?

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