Audience Comments


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This is a new concept and your comments & suggestions are encouraged. If you like this concept, then please feel free to help drive traffic here. The more traffic that is generated, the more motivated the authors will be to defend their posts.

* Directed conversation.
* A one-on-one debate is less overwhelming for authors of the original post.
* Active challengers & defenders can promote a charity or link of their choice.



17 thoughts on “Audience Comments

  1. Nate says:

    Very cool idea for a blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Allallt says:

    You could use this page better:

    The idea of this blog is that I, as a user, find a blog I particularly want to challenge and *briefly* outline my objections and challenges.

    There is then some sort of selection process (I assume) to pick out just one challenger, and the author of the challenged blog is invited to defend their blog.

    * Directed conversation.
    * Less overwhelming format.
    * Selected challengers can promote a charity or link of their choice.

    [Remember to keep initial objections short because you may not the the selected challenger, and even if you are the original author may not accept the challenge]

  3. Sounds like a cool idea, assuming I can get the hang of it.

    You say, “An audacious post is reblogged.” Who decides on the post? Is there a way to ‘nominate’ a post? Is it a good idea to make audacity the criterion? I mean, won’t things degenerate that way? The more of a crackpot, lunatic, small-minded, hate infested nutcase somebody is, the more likely he’ll create an audacious post; but people like that are incapable of learning or teaching. Wouldn’t it be better to choose strident and opinionated posts by thoughtful and educated people?

    Well, like you say, it’s still a work in progress. I hope it becomes something we’ll all enjoy!


  4. sunofmysoul says:

    argh….is the the “audience comments” for the debating posts? a peanut gallery of sorts? where we can comment on answers/posts/replies between the debaters? I find the idea/blog/concept fascinating…I just am a little slow on the “where to go” to follow? must one….twittertwatter?

    • I guess you can use twitter or set your notifications to include comments. I’m glad you like it. Hopefully, I can figure out how to keep this from getting too difficult to follow.

      • sunofmysoul says:

        Well, if there are those who do not do/like twitter, but prefer just here, possibly you could set up a page for each challenge as the “peanut gallery” for comments?
        I was terrifically interested in responding to the post….and even withheld a response to the authors original post out of respect for what you are doing here. But …I will admit to have been licking my chops with eagerness to reply when i got the notification by your “reblog” at your other site with which i was subscribed to. I was confused a bit, following the breadcrumbs and then slowing grasping the “plan” πŸ˜€

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